Feb 2013

Well it feels like more than a month ago since I wrote my last blog – so much has been going on!! Including a Hayley Beresford clinic, Jon Pitts, Peter Shaw, Ben Netterfield, dentist trips, farrier trips, a new job and a last minute decision to breed!

Since I last spoke to you poor Bradley had a rather unjoyful trip to the dentist – having to get two (rather old) baby incisors removed, leaving him with quite a gap in his front teeth. Luckily for the bank account everyone else just received a routine checkup.

I also secured a new job, writing for local horsey magazine Perth Rider. Being a part time job it is great to have on top of Lush Eventing. For my first article, I got to go along to the Hayley Beresford clinic and do an interview – oh how lucky I am to call it work! It also meant that I got to snag a lesson due to a last minute cancellation. I found she was very good, with a way of explaining things that set off a lot of light bulbs in my head.

I also then dragged poor old Murph to Peter Shaw and Jon Pitts– Peter and I have a good laugh, agreeing that his coaching is thoroughbred friendly, as he is just so good for Murphs ever busy brain (and realising that perhaps I was part TB in a past life?!).

And Jon, well I could write a whole article on what I learn going to him – I met Jon many years ago at the National Young Rider Squad camp in Sydney, introduced him to Sonja, and now thanks to her nagging, we get him in WA quite regularly. He has been an amazing help to my riding – this month was all about feeling the pattern the horses gait creates on our seat/pelvis, and then being able to influence it (eg. faster, slower, transitions, etc) and thus creating a truly independent seat. It is easier said than done and requires immense amounts of concentration on my behalf!

Back at home we also welcomed
We have also been given the option to breed – Felix’s mum lives nearby us, and as we are good friends with her owner, she has allowed us to breed from her this year. Seeing her progeny, and owning one, I can vouch for how nice they are. So, rather than going to a jumping stallion, my thoughts changed to trying to introduce movement, and I came out choosing the stallion Bellario – owned by Narbethong Park, and ridden by Deon Stokes. We are secretly very excited about it! the return of Saturday Night Fever, aka Trav. Owned by Eliva Park he began his new career off the track with me last year, and will continue to learn as much as he can with me again this year.

So by the time I am writing next month I should hope to have a positive preg test, the first event out of the way, and the very exciting arrival of our new Gooseneck – custom designed and built in America, it is currently tucked into a sea container, making its way to Fremantle. Here is a sneak peak for you