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Orange & Black Bit Fitting

What is Bit Fitting? 

The next step in horse welfare.

You wouldn’t ride in a new saddle without having it expertly fitted. But have you ever thought about what you are putting in your horse's mouth and how this affects communication, movement, response and rideability?

Bitting technology has evolved over the years, and there is greater knowledge and appreciation of how the bit can affect your horse's behaviour, or simply influence the horse's way of going.   Understanding bitting can offer incredible insight into the horse’s response, allowing rider’s to learn more about their horse and improve communication.

Prominent bitting company, Bombers Bits follows the philosophy of :

Pressure = Resistance = Lack of Control

About Tegan

Accredited Bit Fitter

As a 5-star eventing rider, who has also competed to Advanced level dressage and Mini Prix showjumping, Tegan has developed years of experience producing her own horses, from off the track through to the highest level. 

This led to her interest in bitting after experiencing contact issues with many of her own horses.  She found contact was often too strong or too soft or light, and was fascinated with how bitting could affect this and change their way of going - and even their shape over a fence. 

In her quest to pursue the science of bitting she formed a partnership with South African Bit manufacturer, Bombers Equestrian, who are at the forefront of bitting technology.  Their knowledge, expertise and range of bits available is incredible.  Bombers Equestrian are an invaluable part of Tegan Lush Eventing, and she was pleased to join their team.  With Bombers Bit Fitting Accreditation clinics held and recognised around the world, Tegan was proud to become an accredited Bombers Bit Fitter. 

What's involved in Bit Fitting?

A full bitting consultation runs for 45-60mins.

The consult begins with a ridden assessment of the horse and rider in your current bit.  This establishes how the horse travels, what it does with the mouth under-saddle and identifies the issues you are having that are leading you to change your bit. 

Tegan also takes time to understand why you are using this current bit, what other bits have you tried in the past, and what changes are you looking for.  


The Bit Fitting Consult

Bombers Accredited Bit Fitter Logo 2018_edited.png

To find the best bit for you and your horse, Tegan asks questions such as; do you want the horse to take more contact? Is the horse strong and you want less contact? Or are you simply looking to make your horse more comfortable or just wanting to learn about bitting?

On the ground Tegan runs you through an overview of what is involved in fitting a bit and the physical attributes that influence the styles of bit that may give a better result.  Tegan’s attention then moves to the horse, where she has a feel of the horse’s mouth and assesses the horse’s mouth conformation.  She will also then take a measurement of your horse’s mouth; you would be surprised the majority of people are riding in bits that are too big!


Try before you buy!

From there it is time to start trying on bits from Tegan’s extensive kit, based on what you are wanting to change and what Tegan has found about the mouth conformation.  Tegan works with all styles and brands of bits including Bombers Bits and the popular Swedish brand, Fager.


You can have a ride in the bits, tell Tegan what you are feeling, and she will give you feedback on what she is seeing on the ground. Typically 4-5 bits (sometimes less) are tried before choosing the best one for the day.

Remember, bitting doesn’t replace good riding, it is a tool to aid communication from you, the rider.

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