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Tegan Lush Equestrian

Our Story

The path to becoming a professional equestrian isn’t an easy one.  Having grown up in a country town, Tegan's love of horses quickly formed into a full-time commitment requiring focus and dedication to reach the highest levels. She began to form an incredible work ethic at a young age, spending countless hours training and competing to developing her team of horses in pursuit of the ultimate goal: to compete at the top level as a professional equestrian.

From Humble Beginnings

Tegan grew up in a family with a long history of horsemanship and horse training.   Her mother was a jockey whilst her grandparents trained racehorses.  With the speeds of racing not being Tegan’s forte, she developed an early passion for jumping.

This, combined with her family background with athletic thoroughbreds lead Tegan to focus on the sport of eventing.  She grew up watching Matt Ryan and Gill Rolten win Olympic gold in eventing.  The multi-disciplined aspect of the sport, truly showcasing the versatility of the horse, and skill of the rider had Tegan hooked.



Lessons and Coaching

Tegan offers lessons in all aspects of riding including general riding, groundwork, flatwork, jumping and cross-country training.  

Her years of experience training young horses and competing at elite level, both in WA and on the east coast provides riders with concise, clear instruction designed to unlock potential, regardless of horse and rider's level or skill.

Bit Fitting

Take the guess work out of choosing a bit.

Through her own riding, Tegan realised that having the correct equipment was essential for harmonious communication with horses and improving both performance and horse welfare. 

She became an accredited bit fitter in 2018 and aims to provide equestrians with a service for fitting, trialing and assessing their bit choices. 


Our Philosophy

Known for being a courageous rider who has a soft spot for quirky chestnuts, Tegan brings a wealth of knowledge, a positive outlook, and an approachable attitude to the sport of eventing that makes her one of the most popular riders in Western Australia.


Tegan has become one of the most prominent event riders on the WA circuit.  She is a regular contender in the elite classes and has travelled east to compete at the leading events, such as the Adelaide International 3DE.


Tegan has a particular passion for horsemanship and has a holistic approach to performance.  She has developed skills in both horsemanship and competition to become a complete athlete.  Her work ethic and ‘can-do’ outlook has seen her become a positive role model for younger riders. 

Tegan firmly believes that we never stop learning, especially with horses!

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