Home from Melbourne

As always with the sport of Eventing, you have your good days and your bad days. As someone once said to me, one day you’re a shining peacock, the next a feather duster!

That was my luck at this year’s Melbourne Three Day event. We took two horses over, Touchstone Felix in the One Star and Murph in the Three Star. We had a great trip over, but it all started with getting bogged at our first overnighter! We got out luckily, but it was a bit hairy! Then we had arranged to pull into Kirby Park (the home of Megan Jones) to give the guys a few days in the paddock to rest. It was a good idea on paper…but it rained, and rained and rained – boy did it rain!! I haven’t seen rain like that for some time, and never in my home town. It rained for nearly 36 hours. So my poor boys didn’t get much rest, if any! Luckily by the last 2 days it stopped raining, we got a few rides in, and headed to Melbourne.

Felix was the super star of the event – doing a good test, absolutely zooming around the cross country course and adding one rail showjumping to his score. He finished 7th! A tough showjump course saw a few rails fall, and even with one rail down we stil managed to move up a few places. I was very very pleased with how he performed!

Murph on the other hand, continued the bad luck run – he did a good test, although we were all holding our breath in the walk! Final score of 54. Cross country however was another story. He started out good, really listening, which in hindsight isn’t like him at all (he normally argues like crazy to the first and second fence). And then a hesitation at the first water, left us with a big jump in, landing way off line, and missing the B element. I put it behind me and kept going but couldn’t help but think something was wrong. After another uncharacteristic run out we walked home. Confusing at the time but I knew something wasn’t right. It turns out he has suffered a minor injury, one that sees him earn a couple of weeks rest but still lets us aim for Wooroloo 3day.

So as always with eventing, you learn something every time you compete, every time you hop on to ride!

Now I look forward to working with the younger and greener horses while the big guns rest, and Felix goes back to his owner Ben Mitchell for a bit of fun.