Happy New Year

I have to apologise for being a bit absent – the end of 2013 is quite a blur!
After Melbourne Touchstone Felix enjoyed some amazing 2star runs, although the weather was pretty keen to stop us enjoying cross country, he went out on spell in October after giving us a slight scare by ‘rolling an ankle’ in boggy going cross country. Luckily it was nothing major, and our sights are set firmly on Adelaide CCI 2star in 2014.

Tempus Fugit enjoyed some time out in the paddock as well, due to accumulating many minor injuries after Melbourne 3DE all adding up to some serious time off. He commenced work late last year and is ticking along nicely. We are really excited to have him back for 2014 and are aiming for either Sydney or Melbourne in the first half of 2014, following up with Adelaide CCI4star at the end of 2014 – all things going according to plan!

Hope Springs didn’t have a good end to the year – he suffered a bad slip XC (in more wet conditions!) where he managed to break his stud girth and shatter his confidence resulting in some time out. And then deciding that he didn’t want his holiday over we awoke to find him with a deep puncture wound to his knee. It was extremely touch and go as to whether he would live, but the team behind Warwick Vale did a great job. Bradley has been allowed to recommence work, and is also going really well. We don’t have any goals for him at this stage as we want to see how his knee will hold up to being in full work.

So as usual with horses it is onwards and upwards, back to the drawing board, reset some goals and enjoy the journey.