2012 wrap up

Well another year over and done with – unfortunately I didn’t get to finish my first 4star event the way I wanted, however that is horses! We believe that Murphy (Tempus Fugit) suffered a minor injury in the float on the long journey over, which became the reason for my retiring at jump 22 on course. He’s young enough to live to fight another day, and with a big year planned for 2013, I’m proud that he got as far as he did. However, we both had a ball, and came home with lots to work on! But what a great event Adelaide organisers put on – this was my first time seeing it run in front of the newly refurbished grandstand and I am very impressed. The Trade Village being right next to the stables was also deadly, as I think I spent way too much! We made it home safely, after a very long 3 days, and my horses are now all out in a big paddock together in a little herd, free to be horses. For me, I get a month that is mostly horse free, and plan on spending most of my time at the beach, fishing rod in hand!

Thanks to everyone who supported me to get to Adelaide, it means so much, I couldn’t have got there without your ongoing support. Especially a big thanks to Prydes for keeping my ponies fat and happy and full of energy, and to the Valley Equine Centre and Warwick Vale for putting up with me!

2013 brings many exciting things – my team will definitely be returning to Adelaide to again tackle the 4star class, and also hoping that I can bring at least one, if not two, youngsters along to experience the atmosphere in the 2star class.