Pryde’s Easifeed’s really are that – EASY! The best money can buy, all my horses are on Prydes, with shiny coats, fat bellies, and licked feedbins.

Valley Equine Vet Centre are there for all your veterinary needs, whether it be a stone bruise, or a more serious diagnosis, whether it be vaccinations, travel kits or over the phone assistance – I wouldn’t trust my horse with anyone else!

Reset Equine – Providing equine performance solutions, embracing equine kinetic through science based principles. Assisting the equine athlete, Nancy applies specific exercises to stretch, strengthen and condition muscles, improving performance.

Saddle’s Plus – A family owned and operated saddlery store that continually strive to bring us riders products from all over the world to keep you up to date with the latest technologies to enhance performance.

Touchstone Rural Agistment - the childhood playground of Touchstone Felix, it is where all my horses go for their time off. I believe horses need time as a herd, in a natural environment, time to just be horses – and there is no better place that allows this than Touchstone Farm.

Jon Pitts Human Performance - Jon is a human performance coach, with a sports science and neurology background. He has worked with the equestrian athletes for over 8 years, including William Fox Pitt and Laura Bechtolsheimer.

Eliva Park Thoroughbreds – Eliva Park Thoroughbreds source and re-home quality retired racehorses. Lush Eventing enjoys a rewarding and mutually beneficial partnership with Eliva Park, and look forward to doing so in the Future.

Ten Minute Box Bootsspecialise in making simple, yet amazing legwear for the equine athlete. Anni and her team make boots of a quality like no other, and I would never trust any other boot on my chestnut horses legs!

Shire of Woodanilling - always supporting Lush Eventing and their horsey endeavours, from helping horses cope with traffic to arena maintenance Рa great community.