Have you ever wanted to travel to Montreal?

How about whilst wearing the iconic ‘green and gold’?

This could be you!

Tegan Lush Eventing Team are currently looking for an individual or business that is interested in purchasing a quailty horse on our quest for Senior Australian Team selection.

Equestrian sports are unique in that they require trust and partnership with an animal, unlike any other Olympic Sport. Amaetuers and professionals in the equestrian industry compete on an equal playing field, and men compete against women, making it a completely unique sport.

Being an owner allows you to be involved in the sport and witness the uniqueness of Equestrianism, to share in that bond between horse and human, come along for the ride in thrilling Cross Country rounds, learn what happens behind the scenes and create new friendships through meeting other riders, owners and grooms.

Syndicate shares are available for joint ventures - syndicates not only share the costs but allow you to share the enjoyment with friends.

To view syndicates available please head to HORSES page.

Contact us: tegan@orangeandblack.com.au

Tegan 0488904779

*If you wish to embark on helping us purchase a horse, we are often informed of quality horses for sale before they are put on the market.